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Parking Blocks (Parking Curbs) are fabricated from premium quality Natural /EPDM rubber. They have high resistance to severe impact & brutal weather conditions. Parking Blocks will help bring order to your residential and parking lots. These can be installed onto the ground of the allotted /painted Parking Slots to prevent the car form going beyond a certain limit thus protecting the wall / glass glazing structure & the car itself from damages. Solid coloring throughout means they never need painting and will retain an attractive appearance year even under the harshest of conditions. These are installed with the help of epoxy & anchor bolts.

Available in Black / yellow color & also Black color with yellow strip.
Application include parking slots, Garages etc.
Ideal for all surface parking-indoor and outdoor.
Resistant to all types of weather.
Solid Rubber (One piece construction) .
Easy installation with help of expansion fasteners & epoxy.
Maintenance free as compared to concrete ones.