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Top grade flat no parking intelligence management system
l Compare with exist photo, prohibit subtenancy of electron identification card, prevent the loss of parking charge
l Divide the parking lot into multi area to allow different cards to enter.
l No need parking for card fetch and brush, settle trouble in brushing card.
l Avoid flameout and hitting with other cars in a gradient passage.
l No influence of wind and rain in a bad weather.
Remarkable advantage:
l The system is the fruit of software radio-technology , Bluetooth technology and CDMA technology.
l The system can read the card in a far distance , convenient for car owner.
KN-108 work procedure:
Issue electron identification card:
l input the information of car , car owner and charge condition
l shoot the image of car and record the car NO. report, then store into mainframe system
l predesign the password of the certificate
l give out to car owner
Inlet passage:
l the system read EMS memory information in far distance
l write the entrance time and sign for legal card
control the automatic road strobe and let pass
store the information for check
Exist passage:
l the system read the card in far distance
l display the image of car and report the car No.
l judge the validity of prepay information
l for legal car, control the automatic road strobe and let pass; for illegal one, ask for manpower charge and then let pass.
store the information for check
Security capability
l unique card in the encrypt way and prestore car image compare for burglarproof
l record the passes of cards exactly
Convenient and prompt:
only need 0.3 second for card check , no need parking.
the card is portable and password can be locked
Choice capability:
l the read distance can reach over 10 to 15 meters.
l card is input in truth , no need join the web when pass the mainframe
l support multi driveway, no disturb in the border driveway
l in tally with management of IC card , ID card. Only need to install KN-108 and antenna in the inlet and exit.
l Make full use of exist road strobe , video frequency surveillance system and car position arithmometer . Prevent waste of investment.
Far expand:
l via balance of bank , the card can still be used in other parking lot, highway and tunnel
l The card can realize the function of door prohibition
improve the visualize of the parking lot
l improve the intelligence level , convenient for substance management
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