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1. HEINIU intelligent parking space barrier belongs to the intelligent parking products, which can effectively prevent the parking spaces of private vehicles from being occupied by other vehicles and can truly enjoy the convenience of the parking space for private car; you can abandon the trouble from the manual parking space barrier and the problem of people never leaving the car, and easily control the high-quality life brought by technology.
2. Ultra-long-range radio remote control has the high sensitivity, safety and reliability while it can rise and fall down easily. The using cost is low as it can be normally used for three to six months on a single charge. The overall performance of pressure is up to 0.5-2 tons and the service life is up to more than five years.
3. One-time die-casting molding technology in high temperature is applied to effectively enhance the overall strength and integration of the products with the characteristics of easy installation, beautiful appearance, strong structure, toughness and durability.
4. The advanced airtight design in this industry is adopted to achieve a truly effective waterproof, which enables it to be used normally on any occasions in or out of the room and in rain and snow weather.
5. It owns the 90-degree one-way rocker, which has the functions to reset and alarm automatically. When rising and falling, the rocker of the parking space barrier will alarm and reset to the original state if it meets out force oppressing, which can effectively prevent the damage of the parking space barrier itself and car chassis.
6. It has the function of power shortage instructions. When the battery voltage is not enough, the alarm will alarm intermittently to alert users to charge the battery.
7. It is equipped with malfunction emergency equipment. When the system does not work, such as the case of battery depletion or other reasons, we can use the emergency equipment to manually operate the rising and falling down of the parking barrier rocker.
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