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Products Name:Entrance and exit contreoller(orange)
Product No:DD-190JH
1. Totally modularized design, relatively independent sub-system, highly integrated system.

2. Introduce PLC control, watchdog device, All-in-one fuctions.

3. PLC control can match two card readers: one for short distance and another for mid-length distance.

4. Short distance card readers for EM, MF1, HID, Motorola can be applied to PLC control, which is also suitable to mid-length distance control for EM, HID, Motorola.

5. The LCD of English-Chinese Exit Control can roll from different angles and publish message when needed.

6. LCD for individual parking spot is selectable at entrance, displaying the number of vacancy or full.

7. LCD for individual fee is selectable at exit and can be hanged on the toll pavilion.

8. Luxury voice control system: voice controller and player design. Standard female voice replays all voice message and can plug two speakers.

9. Intellectualized logical control ensures a card for a car, avoiding dual-use.

10. Auto-snap when coming in, auto-contrast when going out and auto-save all images.

11. Management software for Chinese, English, Cantonese edition, C/S structure, SQL2000 background database.

12. The System has two control modes: offline and online.