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Here is a list to inform which parquet was sold hot in Europe.

Top 10 hot parquet floor in Europe

Top 1
3 width installation beautiful feeling
Oak natural uv oiled 3 layer 1 strip parquet ABCD grade
15/4x148x1860mm $19.5/sqm
15/4x189x1860mm $20.5/sqm
15/4x240x2400mm $26.5/sqm
(most popular country: italy)

Top 2
Oak natural uv oiled multi layer birch&poplar base parquet ABCD grade
20/6x189x1860mm $27.0/sqm
(most popular country: uk)

Top 3
Square edge 2 layer oak parquet birch base AB grade
10/4x90x700/800/900mm $21.0/sqm
(most popular country: slovenia)

Top 4
Rustic natural beauty
Oak natural uv oiled 3 layer 1 strip parquet rustci CD grade
14/3x189x1860mm $17.5/sqm
15/4x189x1860mm $18.5/sqm
(most popular country: netherland)

Top 5
Balance structure 4+7+4mm
Larch natural oiled and brushed 3 layer 1 strip parquet ABCD grade
4mm larch + 7mm core + 4mm larch
15/4x190x1900mm $21.0/sqm
(most popular country: germany)

Top 6
Teak doussie iroko
AB grade 3 layer 1 strip oiled flooring 15/4x189x1860mm
teak $43.5/sqm
doussie $29.5/sqm
iroko $28.0/sqm
(most popular country: italy)

Top 7
3 strips series
Lacquered 3 layer 3 strips parquet
Oak AB $15.5/SQM
America Walnut ABCD $22.5/SQM
Merbau AB $22.0/SQM
(most popular country: portugal)

Top 8
Solid oak natural oiled floor ABCD grade
20x180x600-1800mm $28.0
20x160x600-1800mm $26.0
20x150x600-1800mm $25.0
(most popular country: belgium)

Top 9
Industrial floor oak
22x8x160mm $14.0/sqm
(most popular country: germany)

Top 10
Common size oak uv oiled parquet AB grade
1200x120x10/3mm 3 layer $18.5 multi layer $19.5
1200x120x10/4mm 3 layer $19.5 multi layer $20.5
(most popular country: italy)

We offer different finishing
Smoked >Light smoked >Middle smoked >Dark smoked
Thermo treated>Light thermo treated >220 degree middle thermo treated >Strong black thermo treated
Wire brushed >Light brushed >Deep brushed >White brushed >Black brushed
Handscraped >Tiger vein >Edge corrupted >Antiqued
Uv lacquered >7 coats of treffert
Oiled >Natural oiled >White oiled
Moisture content-6-10%
Glue-Dynea made in Swiss
Lacquer -7 coats of Treffert UV lacquer
Oil-TT oil from Denmark woodcare
Guarantee-one life time guarantee to the flooring structure
Price terms- USD/SQM FOBDalian. We can also quote CIF price if you tell us the name of your port.
Production time-15-35 days
Minimum order-1x20ft container (1200SQM)
Packing-2100mm length White cartons with 2 times waterproof film inside and on Pallets. Customer brand could be printed in the carton.
Payment terms-30% T/T in advance and the balance pay on receiving the copy of B/L. .

PS We have two urgent stocks, we need to sell them asap at lowest price.
Oak multi layer engineered flooring
20/5.5x200x1830mm birch&poplar base 10% short boards
ABCD grade unfinished

Dark thermo treated oak A grade 1860x140x15/4mm multi layer all birch base flooring $26.0/sqm
Stock 250sqm

We look forwarder to being your longtime parquet supplier in China. We not only can supply paruqet floor, but also skirting board, plywood, decking and log. We appreciate you inform us your required product recently and we would like to send you the updated full pricelist after receiving your reply. easternwood(at) yahoo(dot) cn