Sell passenger lift / elevator

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Drive: Geared or Gearless machine with VVVF drive
Construction: Machine room, small machine room or machine room less

Decoration: Celling with hairline stainless or mirror stainless steel and line pattern white acrylic light. Fixture with stainless steel or plastic panel, dot matrix indicator or LCD indicator, micro-stroke push button, integrated intercom, alarm bell. Car wall with hairline stainless steel, mirror stainless steel or etched stainless steel. Car floor with Vinyl tile

Door: VVVF driven door operator with hairline stainless, mirror stainless or etching stainless steel door panel
Handrail: Stainless handrail with or without Handicaped car operation panel
Control: Simplex, Duplex or Group control up to 8 cars
Option: Water cut mosaic floor, ARD, Voice announcement, Power backup
Operation. Video monitoring, Service center or remote monitoring.