Sell paste Filling Machine

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This machine is designed for bottling viscous fluid products in a wide range of consumer packs with highly accurate volumetric measurement based system, ensuring high accuracy.

1. This machine is fully-automatic piston type ointment filling machine in Pneumatically and motor drive, Its performance is stable.
2. Volumetric filling system. Linear-type design is free from influence of bottles shape & size. Bottle charging, positioning, filling, and bottle discharging are all in full automatically.
3. German FESTO pneumatic elements adopted. Imported "Mitsubishi" PLC. User-friendly touch screen interface. Inertia eliminated by imported electro-magnetic clutch and brake.
4. Material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel and lined with PTFE, conforming to GMP.
5. Modular design featuring up to 6 filling nozzles (Optional nozzles to suit product application) with 6 air cylinders. Filling bulkhead is leakage-proof, a lifting filling device prevents from high froths. High filling accuracy.
6. Positive Nozzle shut off design provides very stable flow and gentle product handling. Filling volume and speed adjustable. Repeat filling accuracy of +0.5% or better, minimal product wastage
7. No bottle no filling system. If the bottle is not on the right position, the bottle is blocked, or the filling pipe is not inserted into the bottle when filling, the equipment will protect automatically and continue to operate after eliminating the trouble.
8. Easy setting for change of bulk density of the product.
9. Compact design, convenient installation and filling adjustment.