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Fragrant (Aromatic) Crayon Pastel
What is G-Aroma Class. . ? This is crayon pastel helpful for the development of creativity, learning ability, by recognizing the relation between color and aroma with the sense of sight and smell. The Aroma of natural Fruit as it is. . ? With ....
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Pastel couple
(KGS/031) : Salem pastel colour of stick shape aventurine necklace (16') plus a cube nature stone pendant (0,8'x0,8') and a nickel plated bracelet embracing the three caramel coloured stone (1'x1,2' each) , with bali beads. (wrapt in nice cute box) ....
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Red and Blue - pastel
I am a realistic Art Painter. My paintings are: landscapes, seascapes, portraits, animals, birds and flowers. They are done in acrylic, watercolour, oil, pencil and pastel.
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Hand Made Greeting Cards - 023A. Pastel Triangle
Pearlescent paper iris folded within a triangle, with a diamonte jewel in the centre. With gold borders. Wording inside reads: Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday.

Chinese oil paintings reproduction
We are one of the biggest oil painting reproduction manufacturers in China . We have 30 studios and more than 200 artists. We cooperate with many foreign trade companies and also work for xiamen govenment. Many of our original paitnings are collected....

commission a CUSTOM HANDPAINTED OIL PORTRAIT painting from your photo
On a sunny autumn day, it's difficult to remember that very soon the holidays will be upon us. Many of us will be wishing for a special gift to give to a special person. YOU CAN EASILY PLAN FOR THAT NOW! No frantic wondering what to buy,....

carpet Persian carpet rug hand tufted rug
Hand made rug Henan Xichuang County Camei Factory from made withsilk carpet blended yarn. The entire collection is in pastel colors. However to balance the collection we've converted a few designs in charcoal black and rusty red. We make custom sizes....

Brush Holders
Materal: Terylene Size: 15.5x37.1cm, 15.5x40cm. . . Thes wallets are for the professional artist, who likes to carry their collection with them. They are perfect for the landscape artist who likes to paint outdoors. You can holder brushes or pen....
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ceramic wash basin|bathroom sink|washbasin
The Han nationality's working people have a long history and a wide variety of porcelain. Jingdezhen porcelain began in the Han Dynasty, the Eastern Han Dynasty 25-220 ad, the pottery at this time "quality is very rough, very thick body, glaze pale a....

Wood Slab K-W Paving a. Specification: mm 300x300x400 (15) ' Packing: 156Pcs/crate ' Weight: 7.6 kg/pc - 1,186.00 kg/crate b. Specification: mm 300x600x40 (15) ' Packing: 80 Pcs/crate ' Weight: 15.5 kg/pc - 1,186.00 kg/crate 2. Material....
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