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Product Description
BD6000 Multi-parameter patient monitor:
Is the latest product for the purpose of meeting various demands. This monitor is small-designed, compact, light and can use both alterative current and direct current. It can meet the actual demand of hospital clinic and emergent medical situation.

Application Scope:
BD6000 Multi-parameter patient monitor is applicable for hospitals to monitor such body features as ECG, noninvasive blood pressure, heart beat, pulse oxygen saturation, respiration, animal heat and so on.

Able to measure in-phase 3-7-channel ECG, heart rate, respiration, animal temperature, pulse, blood oxygen saturation, non-invasive blood pressure and pulse conduction time.

2. 1"TFT big-screen, real-color, wide-visual-angle and highbrightness display. Inbuilt with chargeable, maintenance-free and high-capacity batteries, thus able to work more than 2 hours without additional power supply.

With the link formed by network, bed-side machines and central multi-parameter monitor system, thus form a monitor network is formed.

Able to display trend data, and manual printing and alarm trigger printing functions available.

Able to use together with high-frequency electrical cutter and defibrillator.