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PC-Station is a host without CPU, hard disk, enabling users to surf the Internet, play games, and can realize Internet application of ASP, instant Messenger, Private E-mail , and office suites software, photo manager software, multimedia software and so on with no need to purchase standard host .
PC-Station network PC share is an independent terminal based on network, and is a first computer terminal in the world with no CPU, hard disk and CD-ROM. It integrates unique communication technologies and advanced COC components calculation of network PC share and achieves to allow multiple users to share CPU, RAM, Hard Disk, Driver of one host and so on , and its operation is the same as the servers . PC-Station share connects host or server through fast Ethernet TCP/IP protocol, one host can serve up to 10 network PC share terminals (Windows 2000/2003 server edition can serve up to 32 terminals ) , each user can visit host resources safely, independently and synchronously. PC-Station is applicable to companies, hospitals, call center, training center, libraries and coffee halls widely and etc.
PC becomes so powerful recently , especially for the availability of resources of system . In order to make use of this technical resource, each PC-Station 110 can control to visit such powerful PC. By the UTMA technology employed in PC-station, it can enhance the multi-users function of Windows system. Each PC-Station110 is a sole PC terminal running to create an independent and safe using environment, with affecting other terminals and whole system operations. PC-Station110 makes use full of excess charters of computer calculation, home users can surf the Internet and working synchronously with no more quarrel for computers. You can use electrical wire (switch with home PCI slots) instead of CAT5 wire. Using PC-Station110 network terminal solution can save hardware cost and IT maintaining fees .
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