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White Peach puree Concentrate
1. The raw and auxiliary materials utilized to process the Peach Puree
Concentrate should meet the regulation of GB10791
2. Sensory items
Items specification
Color l light yellow or brown yellow , becoming dark after a long storage
Flavor Typical flavor and aroma of variety , no peculiar smell
Finish Practically uniform , smooth and exquisite
Impurity No impurities sight
3. Net weight tolerance
Net weight Tolerance allowed Packaging pattern
220kg/drum +-2.2kg S steel drum lined with aseptic bags
Note: the average net weight of every batch shouldnt be less than the net weight specified.
4. Physical items
Items specification
Soluble solid (200 refraction) brix 30-32
Acidity (malic acid) % >= 0.6-1.3
PH 3.6-4.4
Blackspot (unit/10g) <=2
Brownspot (unit/10g) <=9
Viscosity (200, cm/30s) <10 cm/30s
Copper mg/kg <= 5.0
Lead mg/kg <= 0.3
Arsenic mg/kg <= 0.2
Patulin(ppb) <= 50
5. Microbiological items
Items Specification
TPC(unit/ml) <= 100
Yeast/mould(unit/ml) <= 30
Coliform (unit/100ml) <= 6
Pathogen No detect
6. Heavy mental items
Items Specification
Arsenic mg/kg Max. .0.1
Lead mg/kg Max. .02
Copper mg/kg Max. .5.0
Zinc mg/kg Max. .5.0
Tin mg/kg Max. .1.0
Mercury mg/kg Max. .0.01
Cadmium mg/kg Max. .0.02
7. Pesticide items
Carbendazim ND
Cypermethrin ND
Parathion ND
Fenvalerate ND
Methamidophos ND
Parathion ND
Malathion ND
8. Storage condition and shelf period
It is normal stored in a 0-50 cold warehouse shelf period will last for 24 months
If stored in normal temperature 200 , shelf period will last for 12 months.
Brand Name
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
Terms of Sale
FOB Qingdao,China