Sell peanuts

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We are a specialized company (manufactory ) who is working hard in the field of the food now , we can supply the peanuts follows:
1, Commodity :Chinese peanut kernels
Long shape (Virginia shape) :24/28,28/32,34/38,38/42,45/55kernels per ounce.
Round shape (Hsuji shape ) :35/40,40/50,50/60,60/70 kernels per ounce
Sili red shape: 50/60,60/70 ,70/80 kernels per ounce
Specifications:Moisture 8.5% max imperfect Grains 4.0% max Admixture 0.5%
Packing : 50 kg per gunny bag,18.5MT per 20' container.
2, Commodity: Chinese peanut in shell 7/9,9/11,11/13 counts per ounce.
Specification: Moisture 9.5% max imperfect Grains 5.5% max Admixture 0.5%
Packing:30kg per plastic woven bag ,17MT per 40' container
3, Commodity: blanched peanuts
Long shape(Virginia shape)25/29,29/33,35/39 kernels per ounce.
Round shape(Hsuji shape)36/41,41/51kernels per ounce.
Specification: Moisture 5.5% max imperfect Grains 4.0% max Admixture 0.5%
Packing: (1)12.5kg 42PP bags per carton, oxygen absorbent packing,16.5MT per 20' container . (2)25kg 44 1 PP bag per plastic woven bag, oxygen absorbent packing,18.5 MT per 20' container
4, Commodity:canned roasted and salted peanut
Packing:185g/tin, 950 cartons/20'FCL
227g/tin,790 cartons /20'FCL
5, Commodity: roasted peanuts with red skin
Packing:3.75kg 44PP bag/carton, oxygen absorbent packing,14MT/20'FCL
6, Commodity: roasted peanuts in shell
Packing:10kg42PP bag/carton, oxygen absorbent packing,14MT/40'FCL
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