Sell pearl pigment

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Mica iron metal luster series
JOY520, bronze satin,5~25
Bland metal luster and bronze effect, excellent
JOY522, red-brown,5~25
Bland metal luster and red-bronze effect, excellent
JOY524, wine red satin,5~25
Bland metal luster and wine red effect, excellent
JOY525, mauve satin,5~25
Bland metal luster and mauve effect, excellent
JOY500, bronze,10~60
Bright metal luster, intense bronze effect
JOY502, red-brown,10~60
Bright metal luster, intense red-bronze effect
JOY504, wine red,10~60
Bright metal luster, intense wine-red effect
JOY505, mauve,10~60
Bright metal luster, intense mauve effect
JOY507, ruby,10~60
Bright metal luster, intense ruby effect
JOY508, blue-russet,10~60
Blue-russetBright metal luster, intense blue-russet effect
JOY509, breen,10~60,
Breen bright metal luster, intense breen effect
JOY530, bronze satin,10~100
Sparkle metal luster, deep bronze color
JOY532, glitter red-brown,10~100
Sparkle metal luster, deep red-bronze color
JOY533, glitter jujube red,10~100
Sparkle metal luster, deep jujube red color
JOY534, glitter wine red,10~100
Sparkle metal luster, deep wine red color
JOY535, glitter mauve,10~100
Sparkle metal luster, deep mauve color