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Silver White Series:
JOY108: Rutile Fine Satin (<10 5m)
JOY110: Silver Fine Satin (<15 5m)
JOY111: Rutile Fine Satin (<15 5m)
JOY118: Silver White Satin (5-20 5m)
JOY120: Luster Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY121: Rutile Luster Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY123: Luster Pearl (10-30 5m)
JOY130: Luster Pearl (5-40 5m)
JOY104: Rutile Silk Pearl (10-40 5m)
JOY173: Silk Pearl (10-40 5m)
JOY100: Silk Pearl (10-60 5m)
JOY103: Rutile Sterling Silver (10-60 5m)
JOY150: White Pearl (30-70 5m)
JOY151: Luster Pearl (10-100 5m)
JOY153: Flash Pearl (20-100 5m)
JOY161: Shimmer Pearl (50-150 5m)
JOY163: Shimmer Pearl (40-200 5m)
JOY183: Special Flash Pearl (50-300 5m)

Interference Series
JOY201: Fine Gold Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY211: Red Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY221: Blue Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY223: Violet Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY231: Green Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY205: Platinum Pearl (10-60 5m)
JOY215: Red Pearl (10-60 5m)
JOY217: Copper Pearl (10-60 5m)
JOY219: Violet Pearl (10-60 5m)
JOY224: Violaccous (10-60 5m)
JOY225: Blue Pearl (10-60 5m)
JOY249: Shimmer Gold (10-100 5m)
JOY259: Shimmer Red (10-100 5m)
JOY269: Shimmer Rose Red (10-100 5m)
JOY279: Shimmer Violet (10-100 5m)
JOY289: Shimmer Blue (10-100 5m)
JOY299: Shimmer Green (10-100 5m)

Gold Luster Series:
JOY302: Gold Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY323: Royal Gold Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY300: Gold Pearl (10-60 5m)
JOY303: Royal Gold (10-60 5m)
JOY304: Mayan Gold (10-60 5m)
JOY305: Aztec Gold (10-60 5m)
JOY306: Olympic Gold (10-60 5m)
JOY307: Turquoise Gold (10-60 5m)
JOY308: Classical Gold (10-60 5m)
JOY310: Golden Pearl (10-60 5m)
JOY309: Reddish (10-60 5m)
JOY351: Sunnuy Gold (10-100 5m)
JOY353: Reddish gold (30-100 5m)
JOY355: Glitter Gold (30-100 5m)

Colour & Pigmentation Series:
JOY4001: Luster Red (5-25 5m)
JOY4002: Blood Red (5-25 5m)
JOY4003: Pink (5-25 5m)
JOY4004: Kermes Red (5-25 5m)
JOY4100: Gold Pearl (10-40 5m)
JOY4101: Silk Violet (10-40 5m)
JOY4102: Silk Lotus (10-40 5m)
JOY4103: Light Coffee (10-40 5m)
JOY400: Luster Blue (5-25 5m)
JOY401: Luster Black (10-60 5m)
JOY402: Silver Black (10-60 5m)
JOY403: Peachblow (10-60 5m)
JOY404: Lilac (10-60 5m)
JOY405: Cambridge Blue (10-60 5m)
JOY406: PeJOY Green (10-60 5m)
JOY407: Silver Gray (10-60 5m)
JOY408: Blue Gahnite (10-60 5m)
JOY409: Yellow Pearl (10-60 5m)
JOY410: Cupreous-Brown (10-60 5m)
JOY411: Nut-Brown (10-60 5m)
JOY414: Mauve (10-60 5m)
JOY415: Magic Red (10-60 5m)
JOY416: Guifei Red (10-60 5m)
JOY417: Rosebush Violet (10-60 5m)
JOY419: Magic Violet (10-60 5m)
JOY420: Magic Violet (10-60 5m)
JOY424: Violaceous (10-60 5m)
JOY425: Magic Blue (10-60 5m)
JOY426: Purplish Blue (10-60 5m)
JOY427: Sparkle Blue (10-60 5m)
JOY435: Apple Green (10-60 5m)
JOY433: Pink-Needle Green (10-60 5m)
JOY436: Grass Green (10-60 5m)
JOY438: Cyan Green (10-60 5m)
JOY439: Olive Green (10-60 5m)
JOY443: Old Bronze (10-60 5m)
JOY491: Glimmer Lemon (10-60 5m)
JOY495: Glimmer Cupreous-Brown (10-100 5m)
JOY4600: Sparkle Blue (20-100 5m)
JOY4602: Sparkle Yellow (20-100 5m)
JOY4605: Sparkle Red (20-100 5m)
JOY4609: Sparkle Green (20-100 5m)
JOY4625: Interference Red (10-60 5m)
JOY4627: Interference Blue (10-60 5m)
JOY4628: Interference Yellow (10-60 5m)
JOY4629: Interference Green (10-60 5m)
JOY4700: Sparkle Blue Pearl (50-150 5m)
JOY4701: Sparkle Green Pearl (50-150 5m)
JOY4702: Shimmer Yellow (40-200 5m)
JOY4703: Glimmer Red (40-200 5m)
JOY4704: Glimmer Violet (40-200 5m)
JOY4705: Glimmer Blue (40-200 5m)
JOY4706: Glimmer Green (40-200 5m)

Mica Iron Metal Luster Series:
JOY520: Bronze Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY522: Red-Brown Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY524: Wine Red Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY525: Mauve Satin (5-25 5m)
JOY500: Bronze (10-60 5m)
JOY502: Red-Brown (10-60 5m)
JOY504: Wine Red (10-60 5m)
JOY505: Mauve (10-60 5m)
JOY507: Ruby (10-60 5m)
JOY508: Blue-Russet (10-60 5m)
JOY509: Breen (10-60 5m)
JOY510: Coffee Pearl (10-60 5m)
JOY530: Bronze Satin (10-60 5m)
JOY532: Glitter Red-Brown (10-60 5m)
JOY533: Glitter Jujube Red (10-100 5m)
JOY534: Glitter Wine Red (10-100 5m)
JOY535: Glitter Mauve (10-100 5m)

Crystal Iridescence Series:
JOY8005A: Golden-Haired Monkey (50-200 5m)
JOY8015A: Red Goldfish (50-200 5m)
JOY8019A: Purple Dragon's Fish (50-200 5m)
JOY8024A: Blue Peacock (50-200 5m)
JOY8025A: Blue Brambling (50-200 5m)
JOY8035A: Green Parrot (50-200 5m)

Our pearl pigments are used in many industries such us inks, coatings, cosmetics, plastics, papers, leathers and so on.
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