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GMM build the part by a imported material of brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, which are complied with EU ROHS directives and environmental regulation of the famous company such as SONY. The coating is also complied with ROHS regulation of Cr3+ plating. Main products include standard parts followed by US PEM, PSM, SOUTHCO and customized parts. The thread can be build most of metric from M1.4 to M10, and all sorts of standard and customized thread of EN and UN.

Nuts: Self-clinching nuts, self-clinching locknuts, self-clinching fasteners, floating fasteners,
miniature fasteners, hexagonal self-clinching nut, self-locking fasteners, PSM nuts,
PCB nuts, broaching type nuts etc. ;

Standoffs: Blind fasteners, thru-hole/thread standoffs, threaded standoff for thin sheet,
Blind threaded standoffs, connector ware fasteners, concealed-head standoffs,
Snap-top standoffs, keyhole standoffs, broaching standoffs;

Stud: Self-clinching non-flush studs, self-clinching flush-head studs, broaching type studs;

Inserts for plastic: Ultrasonic/heat staking inserts, molded-in inserts, press-in inserts;

Others: Male-female standoffs, Panel fasteners, panel fastener assembled, panel access hardware, orders, shaft, precise turned products.