Sell perfluorooctanesulfonyl fluoride (CAS. :307-35-7)

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FX-8 (Perfluorooctanesulfonyl fluoride)
Structural formula: CF3 (CF2 )7 SO2 F
Molecular Formula: C8F18O2S
Formular weigh: 502
CAS. NO. 307-35-7
Content : 90%
Appearance: colorless to yellowish transparent liquid
Boiling point: 154.50C
Melting point: -18 to -300C
Density(200C) : 1.81-1.85(g/ml)
Refractive index (n25D) : 1.299
P H value: 3-4
Package: 2W5kg per plastic barrel in carton
Storage and shipment: general chemicals
Application: This product is one of the start materials for the preparation of fluoro-containing surfactants that is widely used in the industry of textile, leather, paper making, ore dressing, pesticide, electroplating, oil field, fire protection, photosensitive and synthetic materials, and can meet the special functional requests of different application fields.