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With over 15 years know-how in manufacturing permanent magnets and magnetic system including Sintered NdFeB (N52/N48M/N44H/N42SH/N38UH/N35EH with the highest working temperature 200 centigrade degree . ) . We can supply patented magnets to USA and Europe.

With our advanced machines, We finely make SmCo, Alnico . We also supply Ferrite magnets, rubber magnets through good connections with important factories to meet our customers needs.

Quality System:
This corporation has already passed ISO 9001:2000 international certification by SGS and European CE certification and TS16949 is operating on trial basis.

Our most advanced technology to make HAST NdFEB used for motors, pumps etc: we can make two different series of sintered NdFeB magnets--- ordinary book mold alloy and magnets (HAST NdFeB) based on a strip cast alloy which gives a better chemical stability. HAST NdFeB magnets have higher anticorrosion and can last for 10 days under 120 degree Celsius, 95% humidity and 2atmp with loss of weight less than 10mg/cm2.

Please contact us if you need the following magnets.
----------Sintered Neodymium
----------Rubber Magnets and fridge magnets for industrial and promotional
----------Magnetic Assembly
a) Magnetic filter bar and separator
b) Magnetic lifter (SGS CE Safety Certificate)
c) Pot Magnets for attraction
d) Magnetic Construction toys (with SGS CE Safety Certificate)

Contact:May Chen