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Our pest repeller (pest control) PC02 is a sophisticated home supply, which is very efficient to drive away pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches and spiders. It is no harm to humans, babies and normal pets. It incorporates dual speakers that create a harsh ultrasonic siren, inaudible to humans.

Power input:220v~250v/110v~130v
Safety standards: Ce
Power consumption:4 watts
Coverage:460 sq. M. (5000 sq. Ft. ) , required one per floor

Direct plug-in
Led status indicators
Built-in night light
Audible test button
Twin dual ceramic piezo sirens exclusive pest repeller technology
Ultrasonic sound high/low band range selector
Continuous/random on-off selector

Our pest repeller is powered by a outlet. The represented power configuration is indicated on the outside of the box. For worldwide applications, make sure you are using the correct plug configuration or the proper power converter that conforms to the local voltage and outlets.

1. Variable/fixed pitch selector
In the variable setting, the two speakers sweep within a range of ultrasonic sound frequencies, like two squalling and conflicting sirens. If set to the fixed setting the speakers broadcast a single tone. You may hear the difference by pushing the test button. We recommends first setting to the fixed setting and changing to variable if adequate results are not met.
2. Continuous/random on-off selector
The random on/off setting automatically turns each speaker on and off randomly to keep pests from becoming accustomed to the ultrasonic sounds. This mode will use 50% less electricity. In the continuous setting, both speakers broadcast continuously. We recommends first setting to the continuous setting and changing to random on-off if adequate results are not met.
3. Floor night light switch
Switching the on/off switch on the left side of the unit while plugged into an outlet will turn on and off the floor night light. Users enjoy this feature if pest repeller is placed in a hall of dimly lit area.
4. Test button
When the pest repeller is plugged into a power outlet, pushing the test button will lower the ultrasonic frequencies to an audible human level. Pushing the test button will allow you to hear the different ultrasonic features. To avoid hearing damage, do not use the test button for long periods of time and do not allow children to play with the test switch.