Sell pesticide(1.1%AS compound matrine nicotine insecticide)

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The product is a high-effective, low-poisonous, broad-spectrum, no public pollution new agricultural bio-pesticide. It be formulated with matrine, nicotine, warmwood leaf, Szechwan Chinaberry and so on by special process of low temperature extraction, while adopting the Chinese traditional medicine theory. The product was already registration in Agricultural Ministry of China.
The products can stimulate plant growth and increase yield by 10%-15%. It kills mainly by stomach poisoning and contact-killing. It is suitable to prevent and control prick-suck and chewing type mouth parts injurious insects. And it is no anti-poison for any pests.
Applicable scope: Rice, wheat, vegetable, cotton, tea, flower and grass, golf ground, horse ground, lawn and others.
Range of precaution and curing:
It has specialty efficiency to preventing and curing cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, aphids, tea tree aphids and caterpillar, cotton Aphids, red spider and so on.