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Item Name:Plictran

Common Name:Cyhexatin

Chemical Name: tricyclohexyltin hydroxide

Molecular fomula:C18H34OSN

Appearance:white or light yellow powder, Stable in weak acid or weak base water suspension, and at room temperature. Stable from light and rain, safe to the crops with usual concentration

Use:Cyhexatin is a broad-spectum mites killer (baby mites, younger mites, grown up mites, summer eggs and especially effective to the mites that have adapted themselves to the organice phosphorus and organice chlorine pesticides , Control of all motile stages of a wide range of phytophagous mites on fruit, such as apples, oranges, grapes, pears, maybushes, peaches, tea trees, flowers , cotton, etc. .

Quality Index:

95%Cyhexatin TC

Content of Cyhexatin:95%Min

Volume of Water :0.8% MAX

Alkalinity (NAOH) : 0.6% MAX