Sell pesticide mixture, pesticide formulation

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we can supply a list of products formulated by pyrethroid with other insectcides.
15%beta-cypermethrin+propoxur WP
23.9%beta-cypermethrin+chlorpyrifos WP
10%permethrin+tetramethrin+beta-cypermethrin EC
2%tetramethrin+Rich-trans-d-phenothrin ULV
15%tetramethrin+D-phenothrin ME
0.4%tetramethrin+permethrin ME
0.44%tetramethrin+permethrin+cypermethrin AE
beta-cypermethrin+lambda-cyhalothrin WP
At the same time, we produce in OEM form for the worlds companies with their own brands. Because we have our own manufacture and laboratory, we can adjust the formula due to the local situation, and also supply the convenience to the world buyers.