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The easy on and easy off Bella Paris harness wear are a comfortable alternative to using a collar on your little dog. It is recommended by veterinarians to avoid using a collar on smaller breeds. The harness wear closes with strong Velcro straps so it stays secure and is easy to put on and take off in a hurry.

The sturdy "D ring" on the back of the harness makes it easy to attach to your leash and is placed correctly at the mid rear of the harness. The harness vests are lined and have an extra doubled strength interfacing where the "D ring" is placed.

Fashionable and very practical pet couture. Made especially for small dogs!


6 - 7 (15.2cm - 17.8cm)
9 - 11 (22.3cm - 27.9cm)

8 - 9 (20.3cm - 22.3cm)
12 - 13 (30.5cm - 33.0cm)

10 - 11 (25.4cm - 27.9cm)
14 - 15 (35.6cm - 38.1cm)

12 - 14 (30.5cm - 35.6cm)
16 - 19 (40.6cm - 48.3cm)

15 - 17 (38.1cm - 43.2cm)
20 - 22 (50.8cm - 55.9cm)