Sell petroleu resins

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Petroleum resin is a solid or liquid polymer polymerized under one component(alkene) and two component(alkene) in the byproducts-C5, C9 distillates which are obtained in the course of cracking hydrocarbon into ethylene. According to the different material used, petroleum resins may be divided into aliphatic petroleum resin (C5 distillate polymer) , aromatic petroleum resin(C9 distillate polymer) , aliphatic and aromatic copolymer resin (copolymer of C5, C9 distillates) and alicyclic petroleum resin (aromatic petroleum hydrotreating resin) . C5 hydrotreating resin is normally used in producing hot-melting gel, pressure-sensitive gel, roadside-sign paint, paper sizing agent, etc, for it possesses the performance of decreasing condensation and increasing adhesion, and improving viscosity co-efficient. And the hydrotreating C5 resin has the features of colorlessness, tastelessness, good endurance to heat and weather, so it can be specially used in producing cohesive hot-melting gel for package of sanitary appliances, foods and medicine.