Sell petroleum chemical industry flow pump

petroleum chemical industry flow pump
MZA MZE MZAO type pump refers to overseas advanced technology, adopts API610 and VDMA24297 criterion, highly effective and saving energy new production.
MZA MZAO type pump, the pump body is supported by feet.
MZE type pump, the pump body is supported centrally with cooling circle.
MZA, MZE type pump is close type impeller.
MZAO type pump is open type impeller.
They are suitable for chemical industry, chemical fiber, salt making industry, alkali making industry, ocean Engineering, petroleum, smelting industry etc. Transporting all kinds of causticity liquid, MZAO type pump is suitable for containing solid grain, suspend grain and easy to crystal grain medium.
Technical Data:
Flow range 5.5-2600m3/h
Stroke range 16 -250m
Working pressure: MZA, MZAO type2.5MPa, MZE type5MPa
Working Temperature 80~4500C
This kind of pump is single stage, horizontal, radial dissection volute pump. The pump is held up by divergent legs. It is single inhale radial dissection impeller, axial inhale, radial discharging. You could use front, back seal airproof ring and balance hole for hydraulic equilibrium. Stuffing box has cooling or heated tie-in. Gland seal uses packing seal, single head face or double head faces mechanical seal is also good. The pump circum gyrate by clockwise according to drive end. Bearing is cylindrical roller bearing and centripetal force bearing, engine oil for lubricating.
Material of pump: 304, 304L, 305, 306, 307, 316, 316L, 904, 941, 904L, Ni Cr alloy, CD4Mcu, steel, Cr28, Cr30 and titanium alloy.