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Pets Nursemaid  Remote controlled automatic pets feeder
In order to make your loved pets fed in fixed-amounts and timely, our company developed the internationally advanced high-technology remotely controlled automatic pets feeder; thereafter, it changes the abnormal feeding habits for pets.
1) Model No. : JB06-A, JB06-B
2) Enclosure is made of environment-friendly ABS material.
3) The product is suitable for big-size, intermediate-size and small-size dogs and cats, etc.
4) Total capacity of the feeder is approximately 8.8 pounds.
5) With audio recording and playing devices.
6) With audio decoding system for direct communication with pets.
7) With memory LCD display, infrared remote controlled receiving system.
8) You can set eight-time feeding every day, and the number of times and the feeding amounts can be determined humanized according to the sizes of pets.
8) With electromechanical structure and microcomputer control technology, and the central control system is controlled by a CPU digital system.
9) When you are far away or on short-period holidays, you can use mobile phones, telephones, to send instruction remotely to control the feeder in feeding at any time.