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Dingkang pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd is one of the biggest sterile drug pharmaceutical manufacturers in China, we have got Import and Export licence and our plant got GMP years before. Our main products includes:
L-Arginine(sterile gr. Pharm gr) ,
L-Serine, Lactoseanhydrous(sterile gr Inj grPharm gr)
Crystalline maltose(sterile gr, Inj gr, Food gr)
L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine sterile inj.
Crystalline fructose(sterilegr Inj gr pharm gr)
Sodium carbonate anhydrous(sterile gr)
Sodium ferulate(pharm gr, sterile gr)
Aztrenam+Arginine(sterile gr)
ArginineHCL(sterile gr; pharm gr?food gr)
LysineHCL(sterile gr; pharm gr, food gr )
Lactose monohydrate(inj gr; sterile gr. )
Maltitol?crystalline powder>98%?
Metoprolol tartrate
Invert sugar