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Earthworm Powder
EARTHWORM MEAL FEATURES AND APPLICATION The earthworm meal accelerates growth, develops muscles, puts on weight, covers protein and amino acid deficiency, improves sexual performance, stimulates the appetite, makes feeds more attractive because an....

Patent Electronic Cockroach Trap
A new patent product (Taiwan Patent No. 196397; Japan Patent No. 3088072; Germany Patent No. 20215278.2; US Patent Application No. 10/073242; China Patent No. 03223751.0. ) , electronic cockroach trap which can not only lures but also killed the cock....

Fly Bait
Muscalure / pheromone Our company research and develop one "sex seduction" until "food seduce" combine together potent to lure chemical products of fly "to according to market demand. This product is divided into the room and outdoors two kinds, can....
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Liquid Herbal Supplements
We offer a wide variety of liquid herbal supplements, including lubes, oils, pheromones, liquids and sprays. We create unique, safe and effective products that help people supplement their lives. We offer wholesale products, manufacturing, private la....

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We manufacture insect pheromones of "Agricultural insect Pheromones" "Forest insect Pheromones" "Stored Product insect Pheromones"
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Hello, we are looking for beneficial insects for pecan tree management (lacewings, lady beetles, etc. ) and are also looking for pheromone traps for the pecan nut case bearer.
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