Sell phosphorous acid

phosphorous acid You May Also Be Interested In: h3po3 phosphorous acid plastic stabilizer
1) Molecular formula: H3PO3
2) Extracted from colorless crystals
3) Density: 1.651 (21oC) (MP74oC, BP>200oC (decomposed) )
4) Strong absorbency
5) Deliquest, soluble in water and ethanol
6) Gradual oxidation in air
7) Applications:
A) Reducer and pesticide
B) Product nylon builder
C) Plastic stabilizer
D) Synthetic fibrin dibasic glyphosate
E) Water transacter ATMP
F) Potassiam phosphibe
8) Composition:
A) Content: 99% (min. )
B) Fe: 10ppm (max. )
C) Phosphate: 0.3% (max. )
D) Chloride: 0.01% (max. )
E) SO4: 0.006% (max. )

Packing means:
1) Plastic basketwork
2) Film tined with polyethylene
3) Circinal paper bucket
4) UN Approved