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G-158A/158 photoelectric smoke detector
The place of installation
Fix the board on the ceiling by the screw. The detector should be installed on the ceiling. And the distance should be not less than 6 inches. If it is installed on the wall, the distance to the ceiling should be from 4 inch to 12 inch. The room should be installed each every 25-40m2, if important, installed each every 0.5-2.5m2.
1. Line (158A network)
1. Red line----------anode of power
2. Black line--------cathode of power
3. Blue line---------N/O signal output
4. White line--------public port
5. Green line--------N/C signal output
2. (158 standalone) Just connect the base to the jumping line
Installation and check
1. Focus the L form card to the cucurbit fixed hole on the back of detector, counter-clockwise roll it.
2. After electrify, the red light will flash every 45sec. If not, means the unmoral or connect error, please check or change the detector.
3. Press the checking key for 3-5 sec, the detector will alarm for three, and the red light will flash, if there is no respond, error.
4. Checking smoke: burn the cotton to the wood, then the smoke will enter to the detector, if the thickness surpass the critical angle, and the red light will flash. If not, which means the sensitivity is too low or the detector is polluted, please change a new one.
1. Power: 12-24VDC (158A)
9VDC (158)
2. Static current: 5mA max
3. Alarm current: 50mA max
4. Sensitivity of smoke: under the standard of 217 of UL, the detector sensor of 3.2% dusty every feet
5. Buzzer level: 85dB in 10feet
6. Working condition: temperature: -50~400
Humidity: 10-90% RH
1. Forbid install the detector in the place where with high temperature, strong wind.
2. Clean the detector every 6 months clean the dust with cleaner, and make sure the hole expedite.
3. Dont open the case optionally, which will destroy the device.
1. All the products will have one-year guarantee, the males operation should not be covered.

Production maintain

The guarantee will just take charge of the malfunction under the normal condition, to exchange the purchase.
Product LEBRUN SG-158/SG-158A
Guarantee One year from the date leaving the factory
Customer Name
1. The buying date is according the sell invoice date2. Natural bale (earth quake, flood) is out of the guarantee range3. If loosing the guarantee, we will not patch4. If pass the time, it is auto abated.
Manufacture: Shenzhen Akinboom Electric Co. Ltd.
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1 Year