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our self-developed luminous film is a new-type luminous product. The product is toxicity-free and radiation-free and has a long serviceable life.
It is durable under cold and heat and good resistance to ultraviolet radiation, which is wild uesd both at home and abroad.
When it absorbs visible light for 10-20 minutes, it can be luminous for 6-12 hours in dark places. Easily to be used by directly printing with varied kinds of printers.
The images are clear, novel and unique, which are incomparable by conventional non-luminous products.
So far, we have successfully developed more than 10 products in 5 ranges, which receive a good popularity in foreign market, including:

Type: YMM-P
Color: light yellow
Specification:A4 (297*210mm)
Use: applicable to various jet
printers, can be used
directly to print
documents, name cards,
photos, images, and
picture albums, etc.

Type: YMM-Y
Color: light yellow
Specification:(length 20m ,
width<=1m , thickness 0.3mm )
Use: applicable to printing
machines, laser printers,
and screen printing to
print documents,
trademarks, greeting
cards, signs, wall maps,
handouts, and covers of
books and magazines, etc.

Type: YMM-J
Color: light yellow
Specification: (length 20m ,
width <= 0.7m , thickness
0.3mm )
Use: the film is back-glued
and can stick to items
directly. Applicable to
direct printing or
printing greeting cards,
images, signs and
trademarks with printing
machines or laser

Type: YMM-JG
Color: light yellow
Specification:(length 50m ,
width<=10mm , thickness
0.3mm . Customers may specify
the size according to their
need. )
Use: applicable to shoes, hats
and caps, raincoats,
reflecting safety vest,
and rescue gears etc.

Type: YMM-X
Color: light yellow
Use: the film adopts wearable
material with images
designed in the
interlayer. It looks nice
and is wearable. It is
used in various public
signs, signs for fire
protection, trademarks,

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