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Photoluminescent Safety Signs
Super luminance photoluminescent products Sign is applied with high-tech, compounded by kinds of materials, designed by computer, extract facture, modern arts and crafts, the arrangement of letter and design clear, bright color. The primer and face of the luminescent are with good durability. weather- resistance. It can absorb various visible light (sunlight or daylight) in day time, then emit after-glow light for 12 hours automatically at night or in darkness. It is free of radioactive and toxic materials. It is a new and environmental-friendly high-tech patent product. The photoluminescent safety signs do not need electricity. They are energy saving, easy to fix and have no failure in its function. The photoluminescent safety signs are widely used in modern public buildings, hotels, subways, stadiums and military bases.
Our products include Fire Protection Equipment Signs, Emergency Evacuate Signs, IM0 Signs, Exit signs, Railway Warning Signs, Electric Power Sign, Accident Boat Rescue Signs, Marine Security Signs, Toponym Signs, Public Information Signs, Track (Subway) Signs, Oil Well Indication Signs, Escape Indication Signs for Supermarket, Prohibition Signs, etc.
this product has various types in image, symbol,
size etc.
We also can produce this product upon your requirement.