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Photoluminescent safety signs work reliable where battery and electric equipment failed to work. Once the power failures the signs will light up immediately. for these photoluminescent safety signs, no power is required, indication lines can bhe contunued , the signs can be installed at the floor level, installation is easy, and the products offers 100% reliability. in contract to electronic safety signs, photoluminescent safety signs are energy saving, evironmentlly, friendly and widely application. they are recommended by fire services departments in many countries, and widely adopted in fire safety, evacuative and transportation fields.
We offer a full range of products, such as photoluminescent exit signs, indication strips, paint, tiles etc. These products can be used for different purposes and locations.
Detailed products:
Photoluminescent continuous indication signs, indication strips
Photoluminescent evacuation signs, fire equipment signs, prohibition signs, warning signs, command signs and pubic information signs.
Photoluminescent hang gliding indication signs
Photoluminescent ceiling-mounted indication signs
Photoluminescent glass indication mark
Photoluminescent floor-mounted film