Sell photon mosquito- repeller

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Mosquito repelling lamp is our latest invention and it has passed the quanlity testing at

specialized situation based in shanghai city. Entomologist mosquito has reported that, mosquito

(as well as insect and moth) is sensitive to some certain light, while dislikes others.

According to this principle, the researchers of our company excogitated a kind of special

illuminous materials, which can emit certain light to drive mosquito away.

Our products have meet a good demand at home market, also includs some Asian countries. Test

reports from our customers in Asia are all positive. At the same time, we have refreshed the

quality this year, the demand is more than before. For the summer of 2006 is coming, the hot sale

season for this kind of products, we need to expand the oversea market for long-term aim and good

reputation. We hope there is possible cooperation between us on this business.

The function as follows:
1) unction: repelling mosquito, effectively limit the diseases such as dengue, fever, malaria and

encephalitis B that are spread by mosquito
2) Harmless, non-toxic, non-radiation, protecting the environment
3) Safe and reliable to use
4) Can be installed in any places at home as required
5) Quality: electric-saving 70%
6) Lifetime: 3,000h
7) Complies with the national IEC safe standard