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Plant sterols can be widely used in medical area for the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, ulcer etc. It can also be used as W/O type emulsifying agent for the production of skin-care cream.
"Davi" brand plant sterols are extracted from natural edible vegetable oils; it is white crystalline powder, has good anti-oxidant performance, can be used as food anti-oxidant and nutrition additive; can also promote the growth of animals. Plant sterols are also good materials for the manufacture of steroids drugs.
Item Index
Appearance White crystalline powder
Total sterols >=90% >=95%
Beta-sitosterol >=40% >=40%
Stigmasterol >=17% >=17%
Brassicasterol <=5% <=5%
Campesterol >=20% >=20%
Ash <=0.3% <=0.3%
Heavy metal <=10ppm <=10ppm