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* General specifications:
Brix: 4-6%
Acetic Acid: 0.4-0.6%
Salt: 1.80-2.5%
Net weight: 680grs (720ml) ; 520grs (540ml) ; 450grs (480ml)
Drained weight: 55%
Ingredients: fresh cucumber, sugar, acetic acid, dry spices (chilli, garlic, carrot, dill, celery) , water, no preservatives.
* Packing: in glass jars with volumes of 720ml, 540ml, 480ml and 370ml.
* Variety of products:
Pickled cucumber 3-6cm available in all sizes of jars
Pickled cucumber 6-9cm available in 720ml jars only
Pickled cucumber 9-12cm available in 720ml jars only