Sell pigment intermediate:2-Chloro-4-Aminotoluene (2B OIL)

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Chemical Name : 2-Chloro-4-Aminotoluene
Molecular Formula : CH 3 C 6 H 3 ClNH 2
Molecular Weight : 141.5 (according to 1989 International Atomic weight Standard)

Properties :
1) . Physical Properties: yellow or pale brown liquid, soluble in ethyl alcohol, and diethyl either, not soluble in cold water, slightly soluble in hot water.
2) . Chemical Properties:2B oil has the general characteristic of amines.

Usage :
mainly used as intermediates for organic pigment and synthetic industry.

Packing& Delivery :
a . 200kg Iron Drum. Packed product can be delivered by usual transportation, but must avoid rain, moist, and direct sun light contact.
b . Should be stored in dry, airy warehouse, avoid contact with corrosive products.
c . Storage period : one year after manufacturing.