Sell pigment intermediate:4-Aminotoluene-3-Sulfonic Acid (4B ACID)

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Chemical Name: 4-Aminotoluene-3-Sulfonic Acid
Molecular Formula: CH 3 C 6 H 3 NH 2 (SO 3 H)
Molecular Weight: 187.21 (according to 1989 International Atomic weight Standard)

Technical Characteristics:

Feature \ Specification Crude Product Purifying Product

Appearance French grey power White or cream and yellow power
Content: (by amine) > 98.0% > 98.50%
Insolubles in 10% Ammonia <0.50% <0.50%
Water Content <0.50% < 0.50%
Free PT <0.40%
Properties :
1) . Physical properties: white or cream yellow powdery crystal#,soluble in diluted alkaline solution, ethyl alcohol and ether, insoluble in cold water, benzol, and chorobenzene. Lightly soluble in hot water.
2) . Chemical Properties: It has the general characteristic of amines, can diazotizate with nitrite in dilute acid.
Packing :
a . Polypropylene woven bag lined with polyethylene film bag inside!# Net weight: 25kg-500kg/bag.
b . Packed product can be delivered by usual transportation, but must avoid rain, moist, and direct sun light contact. Should be stored in dry, airy warehouse, avoid contact with corrosive products.
c . Storage period: One year after manufacturing.