Sell pigmentation removal by laser beauty machine

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pigmentation removal by laser beauty machine
What it can do /curing range:
A. Tattoo removal : remove variety of color tattoos including dark color and colorful tattoos & pigment on our face and whole body.
1. vegetal pigment can be clear 80% first treatment and the second can remove completely
2. chemical tattoos can be wipe out 60% firstly and second will be ok and come to natural condition.
B. Spot removal: remove the nevus of ota, age pigment and so on.
C. Pore size change : with carbon powder , the machine can take-up the pore and dispel the comedones to whiten our skin especially T9 popular in Taiwan area.
Features of Laser Tatto removal machine:
A. No damage hair-follicle, no scars left after afterwards.
B. To avoid to damage the normal skin during treatment- time.
C. Short treatment and recovery so that it hardly influence on daily life.
D. Easy to operate without general anesthesia and high satety with Q switch by feet or fingers.
E. With specific wavelength of light, the plasmalite can get rid of postinflammatory lesion.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
100 sets per month
Available Colors
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 days
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Power Requirements
110/220 V
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