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We can offer you the following:

1. Organic pigments:
P. Y.1/3/12/13/14/17//65/74/81/83/126/151/170/191
P. O.5/13/16/34/36
P. R.2/3/4/8/9/12/21/22/23/31/32/48:1/48:2/48:3/48:4/49:1/49:2/
P. V.1/3/23
P. B.1/17/27/15/15:1/15:3/15:4
P. G.7

2. Inorganic pigments:
P. Y.34: Lemen /Light/Medium/Deep Chrome Yellow
P. O.21 Orange Chrome Yellow
P. R.104 Molybdate Chrome Red 104
P. Y.36 Zinc Chrome Yellow 109
P. Y.36 Zinc Chrome Yellow 509
Molybdate Chrome Orange
220 Fast Red
222 Fast Red
223 Fast Red
Pigment Violet 221
Strontium Chrome Yellow 801
Fast Molybdate Chrome Red F210
Fast Molybdate Chrome Red F310