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Feature :
1. The evaporater fan and independent ventilation circulation system be inside the cabinet .
2. With auto return door , to effectively prevent the loss of cold air and enable an easy and free storage of the articles .
3. Removable door gasket can be easily replaced and cleaned .
4. With freely adjustable height by plasic coated shelves which can be pulled out completely . Youcan flexibly arrange the refrigeration space .
5. Lid fixing equipments to enable an easy and quick storgage of food .
6. Polyurethane foaming isolation . outstanding temperature preservation and reduce energy consumption .
7. Auto evaporation of frost water .
8. Machin set could be easily taken out completely for cleaning and maintenance .
9. Mechanical control of temperature , accurate adjustment of inside temperature .

Model : PZL3
Type : Cooler
Description : 3 door
Voltage : 220V
Exterior Dimensions : 2334x800x1088mm
Weight :200kg
Shelf Quantity : 3
Temperature Range :0~+10 C
Refrigerant : R134a
Mode Of Refrigeration : Ventilated
Brand : Markline
Certificate : CE
Brand Name
Model Number
pizza L3