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1. Commodity Name:
Golden Granulated Planting Mix
2. Commodity Speciality:
The product is cleanly, sanitation, no peculiar smell and no polluting. Our products rich in nutrition have a good air permeability, moisture retention, nutrient preserving capability, nutrient supplying capability, all which can supply enough nutrition for roots and provide your flowers blooming and colorful. It is processed by physical methods, heated by liable and safe processing, added slow effect fertilizer, obtain long time fertility.
3. Plants of Application:
Our product can be used to most of indoor foliage plants, bulbs, perennial herb flowers, orchids, wooded flowering plants, such as peony, orchid, chrysanthemum, China rose, narcissus, carbuncle, cyclamen, green bouncer, dracaena fragrans and manifold excellent flowers skewer and insert and growth. It can also be used for a factory bring up young plants, vegetables planted in greenhouse and garden in court.
4. Method of Application:
It can be used directly or put a suitable amount of organic manure or complex fertilizer may have a good effect. As for the management of moisture it is better not too dry or too wet from the surface layer.
5. Product Standard:
PH: 5.5---6.5
Water Absorption: 70%
Percentage of Moisture: 5%
Percolation Rate: 15%-27%
EC Value: upwards 1.5
6. Notice:
1) To use the product after churning up, in order to make the elements well-distributed.
2) Fertilizer according to the special need although the basic growing mediun contained a lot of nutrition.
3) The tall plant is easy to fall down after replanting, it will be better if it is planted in the soil deeply.
4) Suggest adjust the PH value with lime for the plants which can not resist the acid soil.
5) In order to assure the suitable environment please change the planting conditions when the poor drainage occurs. (Please pay attention to different planting periods due to varieties of plant. )
6) Due to its natural elements, maybe there will be some changes on appearance occur for the reason of seasons.
7) Threadlike or big granules in packing bag will not influence the quality of product.
8) The edaphon may make the product moldy, but its hurtles to plants.
9) Due to the different types of plants, the best cultivated methods are also various, please refer to the specialized books.
10) Prevent it from being eaten by human or pets.
11) Please remember to seal the bags after opening it, and store it in shaded place.
12) If using methods of commodity change, the company does not have obligation to inform customers.
13) The company will not be responsible for the loss of force majeure.