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CW-800SDP fully automatic high-speed soft
handle, patching bag making machine

This is designed for a new-type machine that specialize in manufacturing soft bag and patch bags, is the best equipment to produce high plastic bag.

Performance and Characteristics:
1, Soft handle and patch handle in the ipsilateral of machine, rapid switching bagging type.
2, Subsidiary materials of soft handle and patch handle uses machinery, light, electronic, pneunmatic integration, driving smooth.
3, Big-screen LCD, PLC extension centralized control, automatic alarm for many malfunction, automatic machine-stop design.
4, Temperature and other parameters built-in touch screen, simple and convenient operation.
5, Special design from the new Side knife cooling device.
6, Electro-thermal portable boring equipmen. The scrap materials will drop off automatically with easy maintenance.

7, Pre-heated knife with special lines, stable seal.
Purchase Annex:
1, single-film folding bracket equipment;
2, plastic hard handle devices;
3, round-bottom chicken bag equipment;
4, rope threading and bag stringing equipment.