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1. SFIII model is universal plastic crusher:
It can crush wide variety of almost all production wastes like sprues, runners, blow molded parts, solid plastic purging, lumps, tube, profile-sheet, plastic film waste, bottles, containers. etc
a) SF III 01output is1.2~1.5tons per hour.
Its principal axis is dia.120mm, power is 22 kw, feed-in size is 1050cm* 700cm, weight is 1.8tons, and whole size is L190*W165*H210cm.
b) SF III 02output is300~500kg per hour.
Its principal axis is dia.100mm, power is 11kw, feedin size is 300* 500mm weight is 920kg, whole size is L155, w120*H150cm.
c) SFIII03output is200~250kg per hour
Its principal axis is dia.90mm, power is 7.5kw, feed-in size is420cm*240mm
Weight is 680kg, whole size is L145cm*w90cm*130cm
1) Can pulverize waste material and inferior goods made of polystyrene,
polypropylene, nylon, engineering plastic PVC and head of injector
2) If screen board is changed and the blade is adjusted, it can even
pulverize plastic waste material like forming films, thin sheets and boards
3) Uses imported high quality steel especially for making knives
4) The blades installation method can be adjusted
5) The blades can be grinded for many times and can be used repeatedly
6) Different blades and screening nets can be used
7) Step style cutting base
8) Decomposes the waste material with force
9) Can increase scrap material cutting power dramatically
10) Cutting base is made of TA10 high quality steel, hard to be broken and damaged
11) Reasonable steel flexibility
12) Cutting base structure is stable and durable
13) Automatically drives the materials
14) Low noise
15) Has protection system with the power supply to ensure the equipment safe
16) Necessary for the plastic extrusion machines
17) There are sound insulation equipment at front and back
18) Has separated parts so the machine-washing, net changing and maintenance are all very convenient

2. SF II model is designed to crush PET bottle.

SF II 01 Output 1.2~1.5tons/hour
Rotating blade 6
fixed blade 4
Feed mouth 810*650mm
Motor: 37KW
Size 2.5m*1.9m*1.6m( high*long*wide)
Weight: 2.2tons
Blade material: T10A alloy steel
Blade hardness 56~58
Exterior thickness 4mm
Production capacity 1.2~1.5ton/hour (PET)
This model crusher can be attached with a conveyer belt.
Rotating blade 12
fixed blade 8
Feed mouth 1000*580mm
Motor: 30KW
Size 2.1m*1.75m*1.6m( high*long*wide)
Weight: 2.0tons
Blade material: T10A alloy steel
Blade hardness 56~58
Exterior thickness 4mm
Production capacity 900~1.2ton/hour (PET)