Sell plastic edge mesh strainer

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DIAMETER: 13.5 17.5 21.5
QUANTITY: 100pcs 100pcs 100pcs
OUTSIDEBOX MEASURE:51x29x36 cm 48x34x50 cm 75x49x25 cm
MEASURE:0.053 m^3 0.082 m^3 0.092 m^3
DESCRIPTION: The edge of this product makes in to from the plastics of, it can use come prosperous put to just once clean but return some melons and fruits vegetables that the drop of waters didn't do. Its convenient be placed in to have a hand handle in it, so be you to clean a melons and fruits vegetable with it feel very is convenience quickly, beyond all doubtly, it is yours "the kitchen small assistant"!
Brand Name
Huan Yi
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
3000 pcs