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Plastic tower packing is made of those heat resistant and chemical corrosion resistant plastics, including polyethylene (PE) , polypropylene (PP) , reinforced polypropylene (RPP) , polyvinyl chloride (PVC) , chloridized polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) . It has features such as high void ratio, low pressure drop, low mass-transfer unit height, high flooding point, uniform gas-liquid contact, small specific weight, high mass transfer efficiency and so on, and the application temperature in media ranges from 600to 1500. For these reasons it is widely used in the packing towers in petroleum industry, chemical industry, alkali-Chloride industry, coal gas industry and environmental protection, etc.
Physical & chemical properties of plastic tower packing
1) PP Conjugate Ring Packing
Conjugate Ring Packing is a new kind of tower packing jointly developed by South China University of Technology and our company. It passed ministry-level authentication and achieved national patent in 1992. Because of the unique structure, point contact appears between packings, between packing and column wall, and void is uniform, which leads to low fluid resistance (i. e. low pressure drop) and high capacity. When fluids pass through the packing bed, liquid contacts gas well and the tendency of channeling and wall flowing is small, which results in excellent mass transfer effect. The product may be widely used in alcohol purification, sulfuric acid absorption, rectification for methyl methacrylate, oleum refinement, waste gas cleanse and water decontamination, etc.