Sell plastic spring key chain

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Profession manufacture: Plastic spring, key chain, key knot, plastic accessory, Plastic spring rope, plastic spring mobile rope, plastic spring mobile convenience nip, plastic spring mobile wipe, plastic's spring's key ring, plastic spring key knot, key chain, promote sunbonnet use plastic's catapult's line (cap nip) , plastic spring fishing rope (fail rope) , plastic key hang brand, spring flap circle, hardware, industry use plastic's spring's accessory. Fitting be used for mobile's accesories, stationery, fishing tackle, fitness equipment, hardware tool, dress' accessory, gambling house'schip and all sorts of promote gift, advertisement's gift. Mongline'sdiameter, outer circle's size, color, length can custom, according to the require of clients.
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1) Other similar items also available
2) Spring material: PU
3) Suitable for promotion
4) Different colors available
5) Can be made according to customers' samples