Sell plastic zippers

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Plastic Zippers

Plastic zippers is used widely on child wear, jacket, outer clothes, golf and ski wear and grain sacks, etc.
Since it is made of molding injection of heat-plastic synthetic resin, the teeth formation is durable and able to bear heavy load. Its texture is as touch as fiber.
Plastic zippers size have #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #10, #20, #25, #30. In addition to standard shape teeth, we also supply triangle teeth, dense and strong dense teeth.
There are many plastic teeth colors , such as gold teeth, silver teeth , red copper , antique brass, rhinestone teeth, antique nickel teeth, dark nickel teeth, plated gold teeth, transparence teeth, plated silver teeth, plated multicolor teeth.
Plastic zipper teeth is produced with 1,000 basic colors and special colors according OEM and perfectly matches the tape colors. You may depend on your preferences to choose different color of tape and teeth, such as antiqued copper, gold, sliver and fluorescent color for versatility to seduce the taste of customers.

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