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Mild Mightiness
Plate Cleanser FX-365

1, Quickly and completely remove the printing ink trace and stain on the plate, instantly repair the oxygenized or scratched plate surface, Improve hidrophilicity of the plate.
2, Without harming the coarse light-sensing surface of the graphics and text, Enhancing the performance of the graphics and texts in terms of lipophilicity, ink distribution and mesh point reducibility.
3, PH=7, Neutral, Low odour, difficult delamination, non harm to human skin, use safety.

Plate Cleanser FX-363

1, Strongly decontamination effect, Low odour.
2, No damage to shamu of the plate base and light-sensing layer.
3, shake before use. Derectly daub to dirty parts and wipe with sponge or soft cloth.

Coffee Plate Cleanser FX-366

1, Highly effectively cleaning the stains on the surface of the PS plate.
2, Help to extend the lifetime of the PS plate.
3, Help to enhance the hydrophilic performance and the ink-philic performance of the PS plate.
4, Strengthen the resolution of the mesh point on the printed output and make the manuscripts more legible

PS Plate Cleanser Water FX-364

1, The function is good and remove dirty quick, the every variety draft and print plate to all apply.
2, Use the product's a time before ink in it. then attain the layout of printed sheet to go to dirty, out the clear result.
3, Since can strengthen the diagram text the part of feel the dint, and again strengthen not diagram text part of not feel the dint.

TSC Roller Cleanser FX-323

Capable to dissolve and removing chemistry matter such as ink and grease on the surface of roller, Engendering strongly on the surface of chromeplate. Keep water supply system function well balanced.
keep hidrophilic four weeks use once, make roller not taint ink. The product also can use for dampening sleeve clearing. Good decontamination effect, Easy wash and save, Not froth when use water washing, And not harm to fibre of dampening sleeve.