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Composite plugging agent (plugging while drilling) is made from nature polymer based composite, it can be used well in drilling. Because it swells when meets with water, so it has the capacity of plugging, it also has strong adhesive ability, compared with traditional plugging agent, it can be used more expediently, it can combined with all mud system to plug the thief zone and protect low-pressure production zone (oil, nature gas, water, etc. ) .
Physicochemical Properties:
Appearance: offwhite powder
Water content: <14%
PH: 7-9
1. It can plug small openings and micro-fractures quickly, used well.
2. It can quickly form a nonpenetrative shielding zone which has certain intensity to stop the liquid and solid phase in the treatment fluid from invading the accumulation layer, protect the accumulation from damage, then we also can get rid of the shielding zone by anti-perforation.
3. It can observably reduce the filtration of the mud, and no influence for the rheology behavior of the mud, also have excellent heat resistence.
4. It cant be effected by electrolyte pollution, innocuous and harnless.