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This transmitted polarization microscope is a professional experimental instrument commonly used in geological, mineral and metallurgical institutions and relevant colleges. JXS-213A-P transmitted polarization microscope is very suitable for single polarization, othorgonal polarization, conoscopic observation and micro-photography. Equipped with gyps_board, mica _/4 board, quartz wedge and mechnical stages, this microscope is a new product with comparatively complete functions and fine quality.
Magnification: 40x-630x
Item Specification JXP-201 JXP-202 JXP-203
Drawtube Monocular
Objective 4X/0. 1
10X/0. 25
25X/0. 40
40X/0. 65 Spring
63X/0. 85 Spring
Ocular 10X (Cross Hair)
10X (Reticule)
Complementer Gyps 1
Mica 1/4
Quartz Wedge
Micrometer 0. 01mm
Color Filter Blue
Movable Ruler Range of Movement 30mm_40mm

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